"Phoenix" Trailer Thesis Film (2016 - 2017)

ROLE(S): Director & Animator

“Set in Alaska, an eskimo named Nina is on a journey of discovery of a legendary creature said to be a bird of fire, a Phoenix After finding the Phoenix, they become close friends and discover their world together but something stands in their way…”

My graduate film and a trailer to a story named PHOENIX currently on hold.

"Kid Movie Ninja - Christmas Special" (2016 - 2017)

ROLE(S): Animator & Background Artist

“A ninja, in order to renew his ninja license, must battle a foe of equal or greater strength and power to himself”

A film by ZMedia which unfortunately got put on the shelf but this was a scene I completed for the project.

"Witch Hunt" Student Film (2016)

ROLE: Animator

“Upon moving to a new city, Anna discovers she is no normal girl: She is a witch. Drawn into a battle she never knew existed, she and her new found friends and coven, must hold their own against the Horsemen, who seek to swallow the world in darkness once more.”


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