"X Country Combat" Student Film (2018)

ROLE(S): Script Writer, Animator, VFX


A student film by ANEESA MALIK. 

Joined the project a bit late when it came to the animation and VFX but I managed to get it complete within a couple of days and I assisted with script and concept ideas in the beginning. 

"The Fairy and the Dragon" Student Film (2016)

ROLE(S): Voice Actor of The Fairy & Background Artist

A nominated student short film by ALEX SINCLAIR about a fairy who has to convince a dragon to move elsewhere after it rudely awakens her and starts sleeping right near her flower.

"Suicide Cup" Student Film (2016)

ROLE: Line Assistant

Directed by ADAM SANDERS and JIM FORSYTH; The Suicide Cup is the titular setting for and all out race to the death. With a zany cast of characters and a colorful setting.

"Daughter of Discord" Audio Drama Series (2015 - 2018)

ROLE: Artist

A sequel to "Bride of Discord".

An audio drama series on YouTube based on a fan-fiction written by Disneyfanatic2364 based on the hit show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". 

Became a part of the project in December 2015 when episode 2 was in progress and made art for multiple episodes throughout the series!

SSS Warrior Cats Fan Animation (2013 - present)

ROLE: Voice Actor of Spottedleaf

An ongoing online animated series based on the "Warriors" children's book series by ERIN HUNTER.

Joined the project while episode 3 was in progress and became a replacement voice actress for Spottedleaf.